Landmarks in Paldiski

1. The stylish train station, buil in 1870, together with pavilion,engine depot, water tower.

2. Streaked Musu rock (diameter 19 m).

3. Partially restored St.George Orthodox Church (1787) with a massive towel.


  1.                                                                       2.                                                     3.

4.  St.Nicholas Lutheran Church (1842). During the Soviet occupation, the church was used as a warehouse. In front of the church there is a memorial to the "Finnish boys" who disembarked in 1944.

5.  Monument commemorating the famous sculptor Amandus Adamson (1855-1929) who lived and worked in Paldiski.

6. The building of Paldiski Naval School (1876-1915).Currently occuppied by the Paldiski town government.

7.Peter"s fortress (on Muula hill). In 1718, Peter the Great laid the cornestone for a great star-shaped fortress with five bastions, the moats for which were carved out of the limestone. Work on a grandiose stone breakwater from the fortress to Väike-Pakri Island was also started due to the reaction of the forces of nature and great loss of human life.

8.  Memorial to Salavat Julajev, the Bashkir national hero and poet. As a commander in Pugatsov"s army, ( in the 18 cent) he was deported here to do forced labor.

9.  The garden house-atelier of the sculptor Amandus Adamson, where he lived from 1918-1929. His bestknown works are the Russalka and the Koidula statue in Pärnu.


 6.                                                                       7.                                                          9.

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