Coat of arms and flag of the Paldiski


The town of Paldiski was founded in 1718 by Peter the Great as a marine fortress.Town rights were granted in 1762 and it was named Baltiiski Port. It was named Paldiski in 1933.



In 1939, based on the Bases Agreement, it was relinquised to become a USSR naval base, the local population was deported. Nine different Soviet army units operated on the Pakri peninsula and in the town of Paldiski, including ballistic rockets with nuclear warheads and submarines, in its heyday, 16000 Soviet troops and officers were located here. Due to the training center for nuclear submarine that was opened in 1968, Paldiski was a totally closed city, which was surruonded by barbed wire.The last Russian wasrship leaves on August 30, 1994, the educationalnuclear reactor located in the town is ceremonially transferred to Estonia on September 26, 1995. From May 15, 1995 to October 20 , 1996, Paldiski is a district of the town of Keila , beginning on October 10 , 1996, an independent municipality.

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